About us

Kriipi's guest houses are located in the heart of the unique landscape of the Häme region in the land of a thousand lakes. We are a small family company and we are dedicated to offer you friendly and unique service. Our own home, the main farm house of the estate, is located 2 km from the cottages.

Each guest house is comfortably furnished and offers you all modern conveniences. The unspoiled Finnish nature begins at your doorstep.

Each house has its own waterfront, a row boat and a jetty by the lake of the large Vanajavesi Lake, known for its great fishing.

Kriipi's log houses are very easy to reach; near excellent road connections, and only an hour's drive away from the busiest airports and harbours in Southern Finland.

Slow life

The well-equipped guest houses are available all year round.

In the winter, after refreshing outdoor activities you can enjoy the warmth of your own sauna. When the weather freezes, you can curl up next to the cosy fireplace and enjoy the beautiful winter landscape.

In the spring, you can observe the nature springing into the life and becoming greener day by day. In the spring and all through the summer, the days will get longer and longer, and in mid-summer the sun will not go down at all.

In the autumn, you can pick berries and mushrooms in the nearby forest (in Finland berry and mushroom picking is included in the so-called everyman's rights). The autumn is also one of the best fishing seasons.

After you have been to the villa's original wood-stove sauna by the lake, and perhaps even taken a dip in the lake or rolled in the snow, you will understand why Finns love the sauna experience so dearly.


Cottage Kaisla and cottage Lumme are similar, mirror images each other and Villa Lepolahti is a guest house that meets the most demanding tastes for luxorious living. All houses have the official best 5-star classification.

We strive to only use ecological and environment-friendly solutions in recycling and the energy efficiency of the guest houses.

Each house has a wireless internet connection (Wifi).


  • The cottages are also suitable those with allergies; therefore pets are not allowed and smoking is not allowed inside the cottages.
  • The number of people using the cottage must not exceed the number of sleeping places (6 adults +2 children).
  • Tents and caravans are not permitted on the guest house premises.
  • The nearby motorway, about 1 km may cause some traffic noise (depending of wind) on the yard of the villas.
  • To make sure the cottage is clean when you arrive, we always charge for a final clean-up.