Ridges, lakes, fields, forests, and marches are typical of the landscape in the Häme region. Kriipi's island and the surrounding water areas are included in the Finnish Natura 2000 areas, network of nature protection areas.

Here you can also observe a variety of water birds, such as ducks, terns, great crested grebes and swans. Deer, elks, and foxes are common in this area. At dusk, you can spot white-tailed deer moving near the cottages.

The large lake Vanajavesi provides excellent possibilities for fishing all year round.


Berries and Mushrooms

In Finland, everybody has right to walk in a forest and pick berries and mushrooms (this is included in the statutory everyman's rights). On the hills there are ideal possibilities for it. The berry season ranges from July to August, and mushrooms can be found from August to the end of October.


The nearest city (16 km) Hämeenlinna is also located by the lake Vanajavesi. Hämeenlinna is the oldest town in the interior of Finland. In Hämeenlinna you can find, for example, the Aulanko nature reserve, the Häme Castle dating back to the Middle Ages, and various interesting museums.

There are also 6 golf courses less than half an hour's drive away.


The versatile cultural environment of the Vanajavesi valley has been formed during centuries. Due to its fertile surroundings, the Vanajavesi waterway has proven to be a favourable centre for inhabitation. The first farmers have inhabited this area as early as in the Iron Age. Many prosperous manor houses with fine parks have enriched the region since the Middle Ages. The oldest summer houses by the lake Vanajavesi were built in the 1800's.

The guest houses are located next to the popular outdoor area Tenhola hills. On the Tenhola hills you can find exquisite hiking routes. There are many nice trails and paths, as old as the hills, that people from the region have used in the course of centuries. New trails have been made, too, but most of them follow the same routes that people have walked on for thousands of years, perhaps even more. Nowadays the trails in the Tenhola forest area are as wide as highways were in the Middle Ages.


In the winter, you can go to cross-country skiing on the Tenhola hills or skate on the ice of the lake. A snowmobile route passes only a few hundred metres from the cottages.